Convido offers full service for companies of all sizes

We are experts in financial services and develop our offer based on your needs. Our core activities include bookkeeping, accounting, reporting and analysis, and taxation. We offer financial management services to companies of all sizes and forms of business in Finland. Our digital accounting agency helps companies with operations across Finland.

Well-planned and executed financial management provides the company with an accurate basis for decision-making. Through hands-on and up-to-date reporting, we help you to make necessary adjustments to your operations in good time. We also ensure that the reporting to the tax authorities and government agencies is done correctly and on time.



Do you want to save time and energy? Then we recommend that you digitize your bookkeeping. Your bookkeeping will feel both fast and smooth, and you will easily keep track of both receipts and invoices.


Are you aware of holidays and collective agreements? By outsourcing your payroll administration to us, you can count on it being handled professionally. We take care of the ongoing payroll management and make sure that taxes and declarations are handled safely and securely.

Financial advice

We offer financial advice both to entrepreneurs and to companies in need of reports and analysis.

Digital accounting

We are used to digital bookkeeping and accounting. We use modern software and can use cloud services. This allows you as a customer to do some parts of the financial management yourself and gives you access to material in real time. Together, we can tailor a solution that suits your business.

Newly founded companies are now offered Netvisor Professional for one year with no monthly fees!

Many of our customers use Netvisor’s electronic financial management software. With Netvisor you can, among other things, send online invoices, manage purchase invoices and use reports on your business. We like Netvisor because it is versatile, flexible, easy to use, and suitable for companies of all sizes.

OFFER: Companies established in 2024 are now offered the Netvisor Professional service for one year with no monthly program fees. Contact us and we will help your company to start using Netvisor’s electronic financial management. The offer is valid until 31.12.2024.

Any questions about the offer? Call us and we will help you!

We help Swedish companies establish themselves in Finland

Legislation in Finland differs to some extent from Sweden, but with our help the company’s financial administration in Finland runs more smoothly. Convido offers financial advice, but can also manage the Swedish company’s establishment in Finland in its entirety.

Convido works in Swedish, Finnish and English. Our customers from Sweden, we serve in Swedish, and can handle the contacts to employees and other stakeholders in Finland in Finnish. We are happy to help you with a wide network of contacts in Finland to lawyers, banks, authorities, insurance companies, accounting firms and others.


Contact us! We help your company through the entire start-up process, and can help from filling out the right paperwork to contacting authorities, banks and insurance companies.

The choice between branch and subsidiary is based on various factors. Contact us and we can discuss what is right for your business operations in Finland.