Herrgårds köttrökeri – a growth company with ambitious plans for the future

Close contact between the accountant and the client creates trust and makes the cooperation run smoothly. The team at Convido are pleased with the fine cooperation with Herrgårds köttrökeri in Maalahti.

Herrgårds köttrökeri is a second-generation family business that is currently run by the couple Emilia Vikman and Dennis Storfors. From the smokehouse comes, among other things, the popular Herrgårdsskinkan and this is where they smoak meat for shops, restaurants and private individuals. In recent years, the meat smoker’s operations have grown steadily and the entrepreneurs have ambitious plans for the future.

Herrgårds köttrökeri has been a customer at Convido since 2016. The company contacted Convido as they were building a new smokehouse and wanted to take their business to the next level:

“We wanted an accountant to support our business. We felt that ‘now we are forcing our company to grow, to invest heavily and we need someone who is skilled and who can help us’. So we contacted Convido and asked if we could become their customers – and so we did,” says Emilia Vikman with a smile.

In addition to bookkeeping, Convido helps Herrgård’s köttrökeri also with financial management and financial advice. Emilia recommends Convido’s services especially to companies seeking growth:

“Convido helps us with all the classic things related to accounting, but they also act as a great source of inspiration and happily exchange valuable ideas and thoughts. I would highly recommend Convido to those who are investing and developing their company. If you yourself are driven and want to develop the company, Convido is is a great partner.”

For Herrgårds köttrökeri, flexibility and trust are essential in the collaboration with the accountant. This is what Emilia finds particularly good about Convido’s customer service:

“At Convido they are very sympathetic and accommodating. They have an understanding of entrepreneurship and that you can have a lot at times. They are very flexible and respond to us when it suits us. They also give us a sense of security. I think that it is very important that you can trust your accountant. The accountant is still the person who knows all the ins and outs about your business. It is important that you get a feeling that you can trust the accountant and we feel so with Convido.”