Real-time digital accounting helps growth company Procons

Good personal connection, modern digital tools and the opportunity to work with a local operator were some of the reasons why Procons became a Convido customer. We at Convido are happy to help Procons on their growth journey.

Through roll forming, Procons manufactures products and profiles in sheet metal and heavy and light steel beams. The company’s customers include the mining industry, construction and interior, the bicycle industry and greenhouse technology companies. Procons dates back from the 1930s, but has operated in its current form since 2002. Today, Procons is owned by the CEO, Klas-Erik West.

Over the past few years, Procons has grown aggressively and had a hard rate of investment. To be able to monitor finances more closely with efficient digital tools, the company became Convido’s customer at the end of 2020. In addition to traditional bookkeeping, Convido also handles payroll, salary payments, purchase ledger and purchase invoices for Procons.

“We had already previously outsourced our payroll and purchase ledger and they were managed digitally, but Convido could offer us better platforms and more information about our finances. Now we can see the accounts in real time and don’t have to worry about receipts, we just photograph them and send them off. Everything is electronic and we get charts, graphs and cash flow analyses when we need them,” says West.

West would recommend Convido to all his business contacts. He notes that bookkeeping is something that simply has to work in a company, but the accountant is also a valuable partner to discuss things with:

“With Mikael, we discuss different development projects, investments, how things are going, where we are headed in the future and how to get there. You use the accountant a bit like your personal business mentor before making decisions and seeing what the different possibilities are.”

Procon’s office is located in Maalahti and West says that he appreciates working with a local accounting firm. He also appreciates the fact that Convido is a smaller operator player, which is easy to cooperate with.

“It is a huge advantage that Convido is close to us. I believe that you are better served by a smaller company compared to a large accounting firm. I am satisfied with the good contact we have with Convido. We understand each other well.”